Tree Stump Removal

While our first instinct is to see if a tree can be saved with pruning or other mitigation, we at Guardian Tree Systems know that sometimes trees must be removed. Perhaps they’ve been badly damaged in a storm or they’re diseased. Or maybe their location is posing a hazard or inhibiting the growth of competing plants.

No matter the reason, removing a tree is a highly technical task that requires qualified professionals. More important than speed is precision.

We’re proficient in the best practices for felling and removing a tree. Before beginning the process, we develop a strategy, taking into account where the tree is located, its height and its width. We work with the newest and safest equipment in the industry. Our fleet includes tree removal cranes, bucket trucks, log trucks, chippers and related equipment.

When we remove a tree, we do a comprehensive job, including all of the following:

  • Cut down the tree safely and without harm to your property
  • Chip small branches
  • Remove or grind the stump
  • Haul trunk and limbs away to landfill
  • Clean the site
  • Restore the landscape surrounding the tree
Because every tree and location is different, tree removal costs can vary. We offer free visual tree assessments and quotes
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