Tree Health Care

Are the leaves on your tree wilting? Are there strange spots on the bark? Are insects crawling on its limbs?

Just like people, trees too, can get sick. The good news is we can usually make them healthy again. Our arborists are on-call and willing to make house visits anywhere in Lambton County. They have a wealth of knowledge and tools to help diagnose the problem.

They’ll check such things as:

  • The age and species of the tree
  • Spotted, deformed, discolored or dead leaves or twigs
  • Any insect activity (especially Emerald Ash Bore, very common in Ontario)
  • Signs of disease
  • Trunk deformities
  • Mushrooms and conks on the trunk
  • Odd growth patterns
  • Soil quality
Once our arborists have determined what’s ailing your tree, they’ll suggest the best course of action to restore its health.
Guardian Tree Systems is dedicated to preserving trees. If you’re not sure how to care for your tree or are concerned about its vitality, give us a call. We’re happy to help.