A Rich History of Caring for Trees

Guardian Tree Systems was founded in 1996 and is one of the largest, most advanced providers of tree services in Sarnia-Lambton Area. We’re a family-owned business, representing three generations of tree-industry Raaymakers. Co-founder/owner Mike Raaymaker has more than 35 years in the field and is widely recognized as a leader in the arboriculture community. Mike learned about trees from his father, Martin Raaymaker,

who had his own tree services business dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. Upon retiring, Martin turned the business over to his elder son, John. “I grew up in the business. My father and older brother taught me the trade and helped me develop a love of trees,” says Mike. “Now I’m doing the same for my son, who works in the business. We’re three generations of Raaymakers committed to trees.”

Preserving Trees Is Our Mission

“Guardian” isn’t just part of our name. It’s also our corporate philosophy. We’re much more than tree cutters. We are arborists dedicated to preserving and maintaining trees.

We rely on decades of experience to develop solutions. If a tree is unhealthy, we’ll diagnose the problem and take action to restore its health. If a tree is in danger of falling, we’ll provide it with support through cabling or bracing. And if it’s in the way, we can transplant it to a new location. We feel a genuine sense of pride in every tree we save.

Serving Lambton County

Guardian Tree Systems works with commercial and residential customers in Sarnia and surrounding areas throughout Lambton County. We also assist municipalities in caring for trees on city property as well as local utilities to keep power lines clear of trees.

After storms, we’re always available to do emergency tree removals and debris cleanup. We have a full year-round staff ready to react as soon as the need arises.

We offer you peace of mind in hiring a tree company that is fast,
dependable and responsive to your needs.

Equipment for Any Project

We’ve invested in top-of-the-line equipment and technology to best serve our customers. Our fleet includes boom trucks, chippers, stumpers and aerial lifts that allow us to do work as high as 85 feet in the air. If a boom cannot be used, we climb using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment.

We also have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that help us to assess the health of a tree, determine soil composition and more. Having the right equipment ensures we can handle any tree service you may need.

Ongoing Training

The staff at Guardian Tree Systems is trained to be exceptionally knowledgeable about trees. Our tree care professionals stay current with the newest and most advanced practices for tree services, safety standards and industry innovations.

Our employees in the field go through a two-year, hands-on apprenticeship, working closely with one of our arborists. To obtain certification, our arborists complete 6,000 hours in the trade. Education is a constant at Guardian. Our team is always learning about the most advanced tree rigging practices and equipment as well as annual training on Ariel Bucket rescue and evacuation. In addition, all of our staff is required to keep their First Aid and CPR training updated regularily. We also have various specialists on staff, such as our utility arborists who’ve been trained in power line clearing.

Safety First. Always!

Guardian Tree Systems is a safety-oriented company. We can’t emphasize that enough!

Tree work can be hazardous. Our employees are trained to work safely, following a stated procedure for every task. We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t take chances. Safety is always a priority.

What Does Fully Insured Mean?

Make sure the tree services company you choose has comprehensive insurance coverage. Guardian Tree Systems carries $5 million in liability insurance, which covers our vehicles and customers against any damage. Fortunately, in all our years of business we’ve never had to use it. All our employees have WSIB coverage.

Contact Us for All Your Tree Services

Whether you need trees trimmed, fertilized, removed, trees, or any other
tree service, we’re happy to help. We provide free estimates on all work.

Professional Affiliations

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